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ACTHUS CAPITAL Offers Services in Merger Acquisitions Advisory, Business for Sale, MBO, MBI, Local and International Financing Advisory, Corporate Restructuring Advisory, Private Equity Advisory

Acthus Capital is an independent boutique Corporate Advisory firm, headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, that is committed to providing customized corporate finance advisory services and solutions for mid-size companies.


Our comprehensive range of complementary Corporate Advisory value-added services includes corporate finance, public and private mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions advisory, project financing, fund raising, joint ventures, and strategic business consulting services with a particular focus on mid-size business.


Our Corporate Advisory Services are designed to assist our clients with building and implementing the financial and operational strategies crucial for achieving Growth, building Value in their companies and business and Realizing Liquidity.

In an era of distress, disputes, and financial and operational challenges, we invite you to explore why companies turn with confidence to Acthus Capital Corporate Advisory. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and are dedicated to avoiding conflicts of interest in all aspects of our business.

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Our Corporate Advisory business provides confidential, strategic and tactical advice to both public and private companies, with a particular focus on mid-size companies, in the execution of:



With dedicated and experienced professionals, Acthus is able to articulately and confidently recommend the most appropriate financial and operational strategies and measure how each of them impacts shareholder objectives relative to risk, liquidity, asset diversification, succession issues, estate planning and value maximization.


"We are comprehensive and exacting in our advice and transaction execution. We apply the same focus and discipline to every assignment.."


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ACTHUS CAPITAL offers to entrepreneurs, small- and mid-size companies a complete coverage of corporate finance transaction. Strategic Solutions for BUYERS, SELLERS AND INVESTORS

Acthus Capital Corporate Advisory: Your Specialist In Portugal In Merger  Acquisitions Advisory, Business For Sale, MBO, MBI, Local And International Financing Advisory, Corporate Restructuring Advisory, Private Equity Advisory

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