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Acthus Capital Corporate Advisory professionals serve as trusted senior advisors to mid-size Companies and business, helping them devise strategies for enhancing shareholder value. We believe  this approach to our corporate advisory business gives us a competitive advantage in serving a distinct need in the market today. Furthermore, we believe our corporate advisory business is differentiated from that of our competitors in the following respects:


Objective Advice with a Long-Term Perspective. Acthus Capital Corporate Advisory seeks to recommend shareholder value enhancement strategies or other financial strategies that we would pursue ourselves were we acting in management’s capacity. This approach often includes advising our clients against pursuing transactions that we believe do not meet that standard.


Transaction Excellence. Acthus Capital Corporate Advisory has built a reputation of quality and excellence in transaction execution. As a result, mid-size companies trust us with some of the most important and complicated mergers, acquisitions, sale processes, divestitures, special committee advisory assignments, recapitalizations and restructurings


Independence and Confidentiality. Acthus Capital Corporate Advisory do not provide financing products, distribute securities or publish research - and are therefore entirely focused on providing the most objective advice to our clients. This enables us to avoid the potential conflicts that may arise from these activities at larger, as more diversified competitors have. In addition, our commitment to discretion and the smaller size of our firm enable us to provide our clients with strict Corporate Advisory confidentiality services.


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