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"The single most important trait for financial success is the capacity to willingly delay gratification"

Paul Zane Pilzer

Acthus Capital Restructuring Advisory business provides financial restructuring services, strategic advice and related investment services to debtors and creditors. Our approach is to provide senior level attention and experience to all of our transactions.


The senior members of our restructuring advisory business participate in all facets of client interaction, from the initial evaluation phase to the final stage of executing our recommendations. In addition, our independence as an investment company enables the firm to deliver the best financial advice and sources of financings for clients without internal or external conflicts.


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The restructuring advisory services offered by Acthus Capital includes:

Restructuring of Existing Debt, Equity and Other Obligations.

We play an active role in negotiations with equity holders and debt holders to restructure existing debt and equity obligations, as well as other corporate liabilities (e.g., leases, accounts payable and accrued expenses).

Mergers and Acquisitions Advice and Execution.

We work closely with the corporate advisory team when appropriate to take advantage of the broad expertise and capabilities of Acthus Capital Partners with respect to structuring, negotiating and executing merger and acquisition, joint venture and strategic divestiture transactions.

Raising Debt or Equity Financing. 

Acthus Capital Partners has extensive relationships with the bank lender, LBO, and distressed investment communities to raise new equity, mezzanine or debt financing.

Expert Testimony and Fairness Opinions.

In appropriate circumstances, we provide financial analysis and advice in connection with expert testimony in bankruptcy litigation matters, as well as fairness opinions in connection with M&A transactions.

Financial Analysis.

We conduct detailed business due diligence in connection with restructurings (e.g., evaluate business plans, liquidity needs and debt capacity, and develop long-term financial projections).

Restructuring Advisory business

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